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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Jahid and Kitara Wilson

Grand Champion


Jahid and Kitara Wilson
Ages: 35 and 36
Occupations: Logistics Supervisor and Work at Home Mom

Jahid and Kitara Wilson of California — From the beginning it was our intention to finish this Challenge as winners. We are Winners! We accomplished what many dream of, but can’t find the inner strength to execute, and we did it together. Now I won’t be cliché and say “it was a great bonding experience”, because that will give you the impression that this was a walk in the park, on the contrary…..we got on each others nerves. We were tired, sore and hungry most of the time. Jahid was moody and grumpy from being tired, sore and hungry. I was irritated about everything from Jahid’s moods, another blasted cardio session to someone leaving the toilet seat up. Man, you could cut the tension with a knife. Let’s keep it real here-Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable we are not. We didn’t end each day cuddling, smooching and feeding each other grapes. Puleeze! It was a good day if we managed to end it saying “good night”. No, our marriage isn’t in jeopardy, far from it, but man there was very little room for fun and we weren’t always bosom buddies. Between work, exercising, the kids and closely managing our nutrition plan, fun was a bonus. There were rough spots and many a days we asked ourselves “Why in the heck are we doing this?” This is the raw truth-a dose of popular reality at it’s finest. We’ll be the first to tell you this wasn’t easy. No sugarcoating here, because let’s be honest, if it were that easy fewer Americans would be obese, right? If its fantasy you want, watch the Cosby Show on Nick-at-Nite. Yet hard as it was, just when Jahid thought he was too tired to go another day, he’d do cardio before work to get in his 20 minute aerobic solution and the following day bust out a weight workout at lunch. And when I thought my knee was going to completely give out and I’d to say screw the whole thing. I’d put on “Loose Yourself” by Eminem or “Mama Said Knock You Out” by L.L. Cool J and make my cardio loop around our local lake pushing my jogging stroller and improving my time by 2-3 minutes. So as we began to see the fruits of our labor take shape both internally and externally, we knew why we were doing this. We were growing by stretching ourselves beyond our own self-imposed limitations, and it felt good. An extra $40,000 in our bank account would be fabulous, but even without it we are Champions. We trusted and believed enough in ourselves and each other to accomplish what at times seemed impossible. We’ve empowered ourselves with the pride of success that comes from staying true to our word and from knowing that we can do and be anything. Nothing is beyond our reach. We are Winners and living our life in healthy celebration. One of the first things we did after completing the Challenge was a victory dance with our two biggest supporters and greatest inspiration, our kids. Next we’re going to take a much needed and deserved short family getaway over the Christmas holiday. Starting now, even the sky is no limit. Victory is Sweet!

Bottom Line
Jahid lost 16 pounds
Kitara lost 12 pounds

Supplements Used: Muscle Armor, Betagen, Myoplex Lite, Myoplex Carb Sense Bars, Myoplex Deluxe, Phosphagen Elite

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