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Michele Brock is a BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, mother of three children, ages 21, 22 and 29, and the grandmother of a 6 year old baby girl! She is the Visionary for MICHELE BROCK ENTERPRISES which includes being a Website Developer, Internet Reseller, and Independent Contractor. She is an alumni member of Chicago State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts and Science, and of Roosevelt University where she earned a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Michele's Personal Health and Fitness goals are to not only lose weight, but, to also tone and sculpt her body. After completely transforming her body, she would like to participate in a PHYSIQUE FITNESS COMPETITION and hopefully, motivate and inspire others across the globe to take charge of their own Health and Physical Fitness!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Thank everyone for their public and private messages in response to my blogs, supporting and encouraging me and letting me know how much I have inspired them to set their own health and fitness goals!

One of the primary purposes for my blogs is to be of encouragement while making myself accountable to someone, to all of you and most importantly, to myself. There's something that happens when you commit something in writing. You can't forget about it because every time you walk away from it, when you return, it'll still be right there!

I just wanted to take a moment to say, "IT AIN'T EASY!"

First of all, in most cases, Appetite Suppressants DOES NOT WORK!

"Appetite suppressants are designed to eliminate or drastically reduce your appetite so it will be easier to eat less. Some appetite suppressants such as Hoodia Gordonii, kind of "trick the brain" into thinking you are full. When you feel full you don't have the urge to eat. And when you do eat your meals you should be able to eat smaller portions since you should feel fuller faster."

Well, what about for people like me who DON'T ALWAYS EAT BECAUSE THEY'RE HUNGRY? Listen, my name is Michele Brock and I am a Food Connoisseur! I know and love my cuisine from Soul Food, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, India, Greek, Cajun & Creole, American and African and plan to add more to this list in the near future! LOL I have learned that when I'm really hungry, after several forkfuls of food, I have satisfied my hunger. However, I eat the rest off my plate because I'm enjoying the texture and the tastes on my tongue and that good feeling that you get when you're really enjoying the delicacy that has been placed before you. Prime example, "WHO EATS ICE CREAM BECAUSE THEY'RE HUNGRY?" I know I don't. I can be stuffed and can still enjoy a bowl of Rocky Road or Pralines 'n Cream and baby, you ain't had no ice cream if you've never had ice cream served to you by Cold Stone Creamery http://www.coldstonecreamery.com! OH, MY GOD! Ever hear the saying, "It's a sin and a shame for something to be so dang blasted good!"? Ha, ha, ha! Hooooo, Lordy! You can definitely overindulge at that place!

You know, as I've begun to work towards completely changing my mindset on my life and how I look at food and taking better care of my body, I've become a great deal more sensitive to my surroundings, the people around me, the businesses around me, people's attitudes about themselves, how people carry themselves, some with pride and dignity, others...not so much, and I've come to realize, it's NO WONDER THAT AMERICA IS ONE OF THE MOST OBESE COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD. Depending upon what community you live in, have you ever counted the number of fast food restaurants that are readily available to us. I haven't necessarily done the research, but, I'm going to throw out some numbers to drive home my point. There are probably 50 fast food restaurants to every hospital or medical facility within a single community. There are probably about 75 fast food restaurants to every health club, health food store, produce store, with none of them being fast food restaurants that cater to the health conscious or vegetarian/vegan population. There are a few programs for our youth, but, an even fewer number of them that are affordable to our inner city youth and mid to low income familes, BUT, there are plenty of fast food restaurants available so that you can get your diabetes, high cholestorol, high blood pressure and heart attack symptoms on, and the situation that I am describing is EQUAL OPPORTUNITY in that it doesn't discriminate between gender, race or age! Isn't that just peachy? I would love to see a study on this major issue in our society done and disclosed to the public by, but, not limited to the following:

* Administration for Children and Families
* Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
* Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
* United States Department of Health and Human Services
* Food and Drug Administration
* Health Resources and Services Administration
* National Institutes of Health
* National Women's Health Information Center
* President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

In the mean time, we have to look in the mirror and decide for ourselves that WE ARE GOING TO DO BETTER and WE'RE GOING TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO DO BETTER AND HOW TO DO BETTER! The government can't be 100% responsible for the decisions that we make in the privacy of our own homes. We have no one to blame when we choose to get up at 11:00 PM and make a mad dash to Barbara Ann's BBQ to get some of them thick juice rib tips, hot links and chicken wings. We have no one to blame when we choose not to do things in moderation including eating an entire pint or half gallon of ice cream...IN ONE SITTING! We have no one to blame when we choose to put exercise on the back burner because, "THERE'S NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN A DAY" so based on your list of things to do, EXERCISE TAKES A BACK SEAT! OUR PRIORITIES ARE SKEWED AND SCREWED UP and by the time our bodies began to react to all of the decisions we've made, then guess what, IT'S A LITTLE TOO LATE! It is said that by the time you have a symptom, the damage has already been done! So then ask yourself, "DO YOU WANNA DIE?" Yes, that is the only guarantee that we have in life, that each and every one of us is going to die, but, do you want to die today? If the doctor told you that you could add years on to your life while also increasing your quality of life, all you had to do was "EAT RIGHT", "EXERCISE" and choose calming activities to lower your stress levels...WOULD YOU DO IT? Well, I bet that everyone reading (and not reading) this blog has had a doctor tell them that in their lifetime. Everyone has heard this so it's not nothing new, but, then why do we continue to be gluttens for punishment. Listen, I'm not intending on beating up on anyone. I am writing this from my heart! It's therapy for me and is really written to me, to keep me in check! I choose to make my writings public because I know that I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS STRUGGLE, but, it's not easy! God knows it's not easy! I'm losing a lot of weight because for the past 3-4 weeks I have COMPLETELY removed breads, carbs and processed sugar from my diet...100%! That fact, coupled with my weekend weight trainings and my daily cardio on my treadmill, my pants are starting to fall off me. That reminds me, when I'm done with this blog, I must go invest in some velcro, some double sided sticky tape and some safety pins! Ha, ha, ha! However, when I look at myself, I'm not necessarily "SEEING" the change and that, in and of itself, is disheartening, but, I continue on my press towards greatness!

***SIGH*** What I have learned and continue to learn is that it doesn't matter how much my children, my parents, my friends, you guys or anyone encourage me, motivate me, support me or help push me towards my goal, it doesn't matter if "I" am not doing all of those things for myself, internally! 90% of the encouragement, motivation, support, drive, push, press, praise, support, boost, lift, endorsement...etc. HAS GOT TO COME FROM WITHIN! It's got to come from your gut! You have to be in a place where you're sick and tired of being sick and tired! You're fed up, finally at your breaking point! NO ONE and NOTHING can stop you from achieving your goals! I, Michele Brock, have been on this quest for several years and each year, I make a pit stop on the side of the road, like it there and eventually find my way back on the right road headed down the path that I originally started on! My motivation comes from within coupled with the fact that I WANT TO LIVE, I'm working towards extending my life while also increasing my quality of life and I use anything NEGATIVE as fuel to increase my burning desires towards reaching my health and fitness goals and all of my goals actually! We have to learn to motivate ourselves! My Pastors always tells us that we should surround ourselves with people who are on the same path as us, so that we can encourage and motivate one another and with people who are already in the place where we want to be! It gives you something physical, tangible to strive towards! My Personal Trainer, Valerie Tinsley, is one of my external motivating factors! She's awesome and she's flawless, with her itty bitty self! LOL She's in shape from the tip of the longest hair on her head to the tip of her toes! Just cut, defined, precision, she's just great and she's very encouraging and motivating while working you to death, letting you know that if you can conceive it, you can achieve it and you have her standing right there in front of you as LIVING PROOF of what you can achieve! Having joined her gym, USA Gym in Bridgeview, IL, is another one of my external motivating factors! You cannot walk in that place and not see, hear or feel the sensation of working out and building towards a better you! The following individuals and their stories are also external motivating factors for me:

235 lbs

142 lbs

Bodybuilding.com - Female Transformation Of The Week - Tiffany Forni! - Female Transformation Of The Week

Bodybuilding.com - Rochelle Ford Set Her Sights High And Shed An Amazing 108 Pounds! - Female Transformation Of The Week

BE ENCOURAGED! IT AIN'T EASY, but, nothing in life worth having ever is!

Michele Brock

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"Most Valuable Physiques"

National Figure Competitor
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Valerie Y. Tinsley
Personal Trainer

USA Gym & Fitness Center & Co
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(100th Place & Harlem)

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