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Michele Brock is a BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN, mother of three children, ages 21, 22 and 29, and the grandmother of a 6 year old baby girl! She is the Visionary for MICHELE BROCK ENTERPRISES which includes being a Website Developer, Internet Reseller, and Independent Contractor. She is an alumni member of Chicago State University, where she earned her undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts and Science, and of Roosevelt University where she earned a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies. Michele's Personal Health and Fitness goals are to not only lose weight, but, to also tone and sculpt her body. After completely transforming her body, she would like to participate in a PHYSIQUE FITNESS COMPETITION and hopefully, motivate and inspire others across the globe to take charge of their own Health and Physical Fitness!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Exercise and Eating Right (NOT DIETING) are underrated! Externally, my body has yet to show signs of my physical transformation, but, internally, I have indeed increased my physical well-being and my quality of life! I am no longer that woman, that person who lead a sedentary for far too long! Exercise is not an activity that I have to "fit" into my daily routine. It is now a MANDATORY activity that takes place 7 days per week, without fail or falter. I now look at food differently, as a means of not only sustaining my life, but, as one of the resources necessary to increase physical balance so that my machine operates at it's highest capacity, fueled with premium products...NO MORE JUNK! I now treat my body with the same respect as I treat my car. I don't put water in where the windshield wiper fluid goes. I don't put Crisco oil in where the motor oil should go. I don't put "sugar" in my gas tank! So, then why would I treat the machine that our heavenly Father has blessed me with any different than the way that I treat a vehicle made by man! Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhh! I'm go SHOUT up in here! THERE'S NO TURNING BACK! I'M A WOMAN ON CRACK! THE CRACK OF LIFE AND OF BEING PHYSICALLY FIT AND OF FINALLY BEING ON THE PATH OF MY FATHER'S BUSINESS! Like CHRIST, my goal is to "LEAD BY EXAMPLE" and represent my Father's Kingdom starting with taking better care of all that He's has blessed me with! In me, the look of God will be fine, physically fit, defined, certain, empowered, in the full armor of God, ready to represent His goodness and His wealth, even here in the earth realm and always, always, always in the spirit of giving Him all the glory and all of the praise! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLORY TO GOD, THE ALMIGHT, THE KING OF KINGS, THE LORD OF LORDS, MY LIGHT IN DARKNESS, MY WAY OUT OF NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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