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Saturday, November 7, 2015


DAY 7: Alarm went off at 7:00 AM. By 7:12 AM, I was doing my MORNING SET OF 40 situps and 20 crunches. I will do my EVENING SET OF 40 situps and 20 crunches as I am laying down to go to bed for the night.

NOTE: I added the 2nd set to maximize my abs workout. In addition to the abs and crunches, I have STOPPED riding the bus across campus to and from the law center. I am now POWER WALKING across campus. I am not just strolling along. I will even do this IN THE RAIN, however, when we get them downpours and flash flood and tornado warnings, a sister WILL BE ON THE SHUTTLE BUS. AMEN! LOL

The leg raises got to be a bit much (too much, too soon) and the planks, temporarily, are not up for discussion.

I am DEFINITELY FEELING THE WORK BEING PUT IN ON MY ABS! I don't even look in the mirror because I understand that my transformation will begin to manifest itself from THE INSIDE OUT! That means, it will be a fairly long while before the beauty of what's going on with my muscles on the inside will become evident to anyone seeing me on the outside.

What's occurring internally is that it feels like I am WITHOUT EFFORT walking around holding my stomach in. I can also feel the workout throughout the day. I won't say that it's painful, but, slightly sore, but, not painfully so. I felt that way going into my workout this morning, but, it was NOT uncomfortable for me to do my morning situps and crunches.

Finally, and I'll have to look this up, but, it also feels like I'm getting a form of aerobic exercise. I need to check if I am breathing correctly when doing my situps and crunches. I remember being told years ago that with every move there is a time to INHALE and there's a time to EXHALE. I have NOT been concentrating on that. I've been concentrating on being consistent in getting the workouts in.

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